The MoMo project

The overall goal of the project is the development and implementation of a solution aimed at sustainable use and integrated water resources management (IWRM) in Mongolia as a model region for Central Asia.

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The implementation of specific elements of IWRM include:

  • Strengthening the performance capabilities of individuals, organisations and companies.
  • Strengthening local ownership of the development of solution strategies (ownership) and the pursuit of a participatory approach.
  • The implementation of specific water technologies in the target country will be accompanied by specific training in order to avoid errors initially and to strengthen long-term ownership in the operation and maintenance of technical equipment.
  • Raising awareness of sustainable use of watertl_files/Experiences/Experiences Gallerien neu/Dissemination of Water Fun in schools in Mongolia/3.BasumberSchoolMay2012.jpg


The “Capacity Development and Environment” sub-project is directed at deepening and expanding existing Capacity Development, the teaching of applied environmental knowledge in the natural sciences and engineering, and the creation of awareness among the (non-technical) public.